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Complementary feeds
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Ruminta is a Polish brand offering products to support dairy cows as well as goats and sheep. Our portfolio includes high-quality supplements and care products for this group of animals.

At Ruminta, we place great emphasis on the natural composition and effectiveness of our products. Most of them owe their properties to the use of properly selected plant extracts, essential oils, or vitamins. We have achieved the highest effectiveness of our solutions thanks to many years of experience in product development and close cooperation in the international scientific community.

Our brand continues to grow and expand its product offerings, ensuring that customers take advantage of the best solutions in dairy farming.
We are committed to creating ongoing business relationships with our distributors and offering products that are effective in all conditions.

What do we offer?

We understand that every market is different, so we are constantly expanding our product portfolio based on information coming to us from our distributors.

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Our best-selling products


Ruminta products

Reach farmers and wholesalers through an expanding distribution network, which as of today includes more than 60 companies.

Globally, we are present in ten countries

Such as the Netherlands, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Poland.

Below you can read the opinion of several of our distributors:
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