An exceptionally tasty post-coital drink

Product application

Prevention of displacement of the digestive tract
Energy source
Rebuilding the microflora in the rumen
Provision of calcium and phosphorus
Buffers rumen content and provides hydration for a body
Delivery of large doses of concentrated active substances
Very tasty for cows
Support for energy metabolism
Help to increase energy level

Maxdrink is an exceptionally tasty post-calving drink with a very rich composition. It supports the process of cows entering lactation and promotes the development of the desired microflora in the rumen. Thanks to dextrose content, Maxdrink provides cows with a source of energy, which is essential after parturition, and live yeast cultures have a positive effect on digestion and animal health. Vitamins A, D3 and E present in Maxdrink are important in the recovery process. In addition, sodium bicarbonate reduces the risk of acidosis, which is especially important in the first days of lactation. The product also reduces the risk of abomasum displacement and stimulates appetite.

Recommendations for use:

  • Product to be used immediately after calving

Product Features:

  • Replenishes energy deficiency that occurs after calving
  • Helps to enter lactation
  • Facilitates the development of the desired microflora in the rumen

How to use:
Dissolve 1 kg of Maxdrink in 20 liters of warm water, give the resulting solution to the animal immediately after calving.


Active substances


  • is a source of energy
  • improves the palatability of the product

Live yeast cultures

  • ensure the development of adequate microflora in the rumen
  • stabilize the pH

Vitamins A, D3, E

  • have a beneficial effect on the body's immunity
  • support recovery after calving


  • ensure adequate hydration of the animal after calving
  • speed up the recovery process

Calcium and phosphorus

  • prevent hypocalcemia
  • help to maintain normal blood levels of these minerals
Analytical composition

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