Ketostop bolus

A comprehensive solution against ketosis

Product application

Buffering of rumen contents
Prevention of ketosis
Increases appetite
Herbal support for the liver
Improve energy metabolism
Providing large doses of vitamins

Ketostop bolus is a comprehensive solution for the prevention of ketosis in dairy cows. It is a combination of two boluses (herbal, and energy-vitamin) that support energy metabolism, improve appetite and stimulate liver function. One dose of a product contains as much as 10,000 mg of niacin, which has a direct effect on energy metabolism and liver support. Thanks to vitamins A, D3 and E, the product has a good effect on the recovery of cows after calving. Sodium propionate provides a source of energy, and the herbal mixture accelerates energy metabolism and helps to increase appetite.


Prophylaxis - apply 2 boluses (1 and 2) between 2 weeks before and immediately after calving.
Intervention - apply 2 boluses (1 and 2) at the onset of ketosis. In cows that are extremely obese, old, or going into ketosis, once again repeat the dose after 24 hours.


Active substances

Herbal mixture

  • accelerates energy metabolism
  • helps to increase appetite


  • has a positive effect on the liver
  • is essential in the prevention of ketosis

Sodium propionate

  • is a source of energy
  • helps to counteract ketosis

Vitamins A, D3, E

  • support the regeneration of the body during the perinatal period
  • improve the body's immunity
Analytical composition

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