Ruminta is a brand developed
to help farmers in their everyday
problems with ruminants.

Why should you choose Ruminta?

Natural products

in Ruminta we believe, that you can solve most of the issues related with animal health with solutions derived from mother nature. Therefore the activity of our products is based mainly on natural plant extracts, ethereal oils and vitamins.

Why should you choose Ruminta?


farmers do not believe in natural products, because some of them does notwork- thanks to our competitors… therefore fast action is one of the most important feature of Ruminta products.

Ease of use

Ruminta delivers the products in easy to use packagings: single dose sachets or bottles and buckets with measuring cup inside. We try to make it simple- not to confuse any user of our products.


Constant quality control- starting from raw materials, throught whole manufacturing processes and checking the ready product at the end- ensures, that the declarations found on our labels are always true.

Meet our products!

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