Energymax Vit

Tasty energy with a large dose of vitamins

Product application

Vitamins content
Energy source
Liver strengthening
Safe form of administration
Providing 2 different energy sources
Very tasty for cows
Support for energy metabolism
Preventing forage overheating during the summer season
Prevention of ketosis

Energymax VIT contains 2 forms of glucogenic substances: glycerin and propylene glycol, so it provides high levels of glucose in the blood for a long time. What is very important- for its production we use only glycerin of pharmaceutical quality - with purity of 99,5%, absence of impurities and pleasant taste and smell. The addition of vitamins has a positive effect on immunity (vitamin E) and liver regeneration (niacin). The product is a very tasty source of energy.

Recommendations for use:

  • Prevention of ketosis

Product Features:

  • Contains two glucogenic substances: glycerin and propylene glycol
  • A very tasty source of energy
  • The addition of vitamins supports energy metabolism
  • Prevents feed from heating up during the summer months

How to use:

To make up for energy deficiencies, feed the product Energymax Vit In one of the following ways:
- individual administration
- mixing in TMR
- pouring feed on the feed table (the most recommended option)
The recommended application period is from 2 weeks before to 6 weeks after calving.

Dairy cows:

Prevention: 250 g per day

Intervention: 500 g for 3-5 days

Goats and sheep:

Prevention: 75 g per day

Intervention: 100 g for 3-5 days


Active substances

Glycerin and propylene glycol

  • Glucoplastic substances - increase blood glucose levels
  • counteract ketosis
  • raise energy levels in the feed ration


  • increases the body's natural immunity
  • has a positive effect on fertility


  • improves energy metabolism
  • accelerates liver detoxification

Vitamins E, D3, B group

  • stimulate immunity
  • are responsible for proper bone development and mineralization
  • support energy metabolism
Analytical composition

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