Eco predip concentrate

Eco predip concentrate

Eco Predip concentrate is an efficient concentrate combining perfect washing properties with a strong anti-bacterial activity and intensive care of udder and teat skin. The product quickly and efficiently softens the dirt and enables its quick removal. Regular use of Eco Predip concentrate decreases the risk of udder infection and moistens the teat skin. The product can be used for any kind of pre-milking hygiene.


  • Helps in pre-milking hygiene
  • Recommended to use before each milking

Product features:

  • Leaves the teats clean
  • Improves the quality of milk
  • Helps to reduce the probability of udder infections

How to use:

Before milking, prepare a solution, the concentration of which is dependent on the chosen disinfection method. Washing with cloths and towels: 1% (10 ml of product + 990 ml of water), spraying the udder: 5% (50 ml of product + 950 ml of water) or foaming the teats 35% (350 ml of product + 650 ml of water).

Active substances:

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