Pasture tetany

Pasture tetany is a matter-related disease that lowers the amount of magnesium in the blood. This disease mainly affects cows grazing on pastures in spring. Plants are just beginning to develop and contain few nutrients, including valuable magnesium. Tetany can also occur in animals grazed with hay or haylage from meadows poor in trace elements.

Contributing factors:

  • high milk yield
  • age, susceptibility to stress
  • pasture / meadow soil (soil type)
  • excessive fertilization with nitrogen and potassium
  • time of grazing and grass mowing

What are the symptoms?

  • decrease in appetite and  milk production
  • isolation from the group

How to trat pasture tetany?

  • magnesium and calcium injections
  • elimination of hay / silage that may have caused tetany
  • the use of additives containing magnesium and calcium

How to prevent?

  • application of magnesium-rich fertilizers to pastures / meadows
  • ensuring that the sward contains a clover
  • a gentle transition from closed to pasture farming and the use of magnesium-rich additives in nutrition

Pasture tetany is a disease that causes significant losses in herds, ranging from loss of productivity to death. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the disease rather than to treat it itself.

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