Ruminta is a brand developed to help farmers in their everyday problems with ruminants.

The products offered by Ruminta are developed based on many years of experience, knowledge gained from cooperation with valued specialists in the field of cattle nutrition as well as the latest scientific researches. The innovative solutions introduced by us are appreciated by breeders, veterinarians and partners from around the world.

The portfolio of our product is dedicated to solve all of the most common problems related to farming, including:

Diarrheas in calves: Calfix  |  Diablock
Dehydration: Ecolyte
Postnatal paralysis: Ecocal
Ketosis / pregnancy toxemia: Energymax Vit  |  Ketocure
Acidosis: Ecobuffer
Diffucilties after the calving: Maxdrink
Rumen atony: Rumilax
Liver disorders: Hepamix liquid
Diarrheas in cows: Cowblock
Udder care: Mintgel  |  Ecogel  |  Capsigel
Milking hygiene: Lactidip  |  Iodinedip  |  Eco predip concentrate
Hoof care: Hoofsept gel  |  Hoofsept bath  |  Hoofsept spray

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